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The town itself is also famous of its Abbey, situated on the top of the hill. On your way up you will find yourself walking through narrow, little streets with houses covered in paprika rolls or lavender


The Hotel is placed at the heart of the half island Tihany, just about a 100 meters from the beach and right next to freshly paved bike path. It is an ideal choice for those who like hiking, excellent wine selection and amazed by the spectacular view that the lake and the hills can offer.

We have 20 rooms, all of them equipped with televisions and fridgerators, that can accommodate 61 people in total. Either you’re on a business trip or on a family holiday we have a perfect room for you, to help you relax and have an amazing experience in the area. What else can we offer? Free wifi, playground for children, breakfast included and a selection of great wine from the area

Tihany is one of the most beautiful and interesting towns in Hungary and here’s a list of the reasons why. It is located on a half island, which gives you the perfect view over lake Balaton and a perfect opportunity to spend your day at the beach and go for swim in the peaceful water. The hills of the island is covered with lavender, which looks absolutely fantastic, but it gives you even more! It gives you the famous and unique lavender tea and ice cream, we recommend you not to miss those as they have no match around the world. Also have you heard of the echo of the hills? If not then it’s definitely something you need to try!

If you wish to spend your time next to Lake Balaton, at a peaceful place that offers you culture and fun, for a reasonable price, then

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On the side of the streets there is a great selection of wineries with a special atmosphere, that you can not find anywhere else

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